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CCC reports

The Smart Energy System
Asset mapping of Danish competencies across the value chain

Monitor 2013

Despite a drop in Danish companies in general, the monitor reveals that the number of employees and turnover which is attributable to cleantech-activities has increased

Monitor 2012

Monitor 2012 shows that companies in Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster experience growth, increase their employee headcount and successfully launch new cleantech products and services.

Global Cleantech Report 2012
Providing up-to-date market information about leading renewable energy sectors across six continents, the Global Cleantech Report 2012 maps concrete, current business and growth opportunities for cleantech companies.

Monitor 2011
The cleantech sector in East Denmark is performing surprisingly well despite the crisis: 44 percent have hired new people since the last benchmark while only 9 percent of companies have less staff.

Benchmark 2010
Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster (CCC) has made its first benchmark of the Danish cleantech industry. The report examines and monitors 10 parameters including growth, establishment of new research and institutional collaborations and number of patents. It will be published on an annual basis for the next four years.

Asset Mappings

Green and Smart Buildings Report 2013
The construction industry plays a central role in the transition  towards a greener future. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the Danish sector for sustainable building

Smart City Report 2012
'Smart cities' is the latest concept when it comes to building the cities of the future. Smart cities are expected to be the key to combining a sustainable future with continued economic growth and job creation.

Waste report 2012
This report provides a broad overview of the Danish waste resource management sector. Ninety-seven companies working within the sector have contributed to the mapping of this sector.

Water report 2012
The Water report 2012 is the first of its kind. With the ambition of mapping the entire water sector in Denmark, we hope that it will serve its purpose and add even more dynamism to a sector already growing and thereby create new jobs to the benefit of not just individual companies, but to the Danish society as a whole.

Smart Grid Market report 2011
Denmark has developed unique experience over several decades with the integration of renewables into the power supply, and has a very flexible electricity market as a result. Thus, the country has already got a head start in the development of a new intelligent power grid that is planned to allow the integration of 100% renewable energy.

CCC partner reports

Factsheets - Copenhagen Capacity
An introduction to the specific subsectors of the Danish cleantech industry.

Reports - DI
Reports and articles published by DI - Confederation of Danish Industry.

Reports - DTU
Reports and articles from Risø DTU's monthly magazine.

Test and Demonstration Facilities for the Water Sector - DHI
This market analysis focuses on the potential need for better test and demonstration facilities in Denmark.

Other reports about CCC

OECD Report 2012 - Highlights
The report measures the Potential of Local Green Growth by exploring Copenhagen's journey towards a low carbon future.

Green and Smart Buildings 2013

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Global Cleantech Report 2012

Global Cleantech Report Pic1Download the report here

Smart City Report 2012

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