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International cities wish to learn from Copenhagen
Article in erhvervsmagasinet CSR about how a number of cities from around the globe have been on a visit to Copenhagen to learn about climate solutions, habour baths and bicycle lanes.

Eldrup at the head of new merged cleantech cluster
"With the establishment of CLEAN, we will ensure that Denmark keeps its strong position in the green area" says Anders Eldrup, Board of directors, CLEAN in

The green way is the growth way
Copenhagen has become a role model for other cities with green growth ambitions in the new report from the London School of Economics.

Gold to the Southern Danish Region
The merger between Lean Energy Cluster and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster to CLEAN means that three clusters from Region Southern Denmark have received a gold certificate from the EU.

Mechatronics Cluster Denmark part of CLEAN
Mechatronics Cluster Denmark from Sønderborg has become an integreted part in the new national cleantech cluster CLEAN

Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster's appearance in the media over the years

Top-business people to direct national energy network
Anders Eldrup and Jørgen Mads Clausen at the head of the Board of Directors at LEAN.

Powerful green merger
Sønderborg Ugeavis on the merger between LEC and CCC

Energy wedding to ensure Danish lead
Anders Eldrup and Jørgen Mads Clausen explain the vision and goal of the new cleantech cluster CLEAN.

Merger of two cleantech clusters (in Danish)
On 9 May 2014, the members of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster and Lean Energy Cluster will vote on a merger of the two organisations in order to form a new cleantech cluster, CLEAN

Vi klynger os til fremtiden (in Danish)
Denmark can become a pioneer in innovative clusters and Cluster Excellence Denmark gives us a head start.

CCC awarded gold by the European Union
CCC has been honoured with a GOLD label for being one of the most well managed cluster organisations in the EU.

CCS supports companies to enter Africa(Part 1, Part 2)
Denmark is lacking behind when it comes to entering the African market. Nonetheless, Gaia Solar, part of CCC's new export network for SMEs, is entering Sahara to sell solar cells.

BPF Showcases Danish Opportunity
A 26 strong delegation from CCC visited the UK to study the UK plastics waste management systems, particularly the operation of plastics recycling.

Export of the green Denmark (Danish)
Opinion piece in JyllandsPosten by Anders Eldrup, Chairman of the Board, CCC,  and Mads Lebech, Managing Director, Danish Industry Foundation.

Cleantech Cluster stands on its own
Article about CCC in JyllandsPosten.
Part 1
, part 2 and part 3

MOU between Copenhagen and Milan(Danish)

and Milan signed an MOU to ensure future cooperation in the field of green mobility, quality of life and sustainable urban development. The solutions to Milan will be developed through the project Complex Cleantech Solutions.

Copenhagen to promote green solutions in South Africa
Lord Mayor Frank Jensen is in South Africa on a trip he hopes will benefit firms in both countries while at the same time helping the climate.

Cleantech Clusters in new partnership

Brief notice on on how CCC and Lean Energy Cluster have entered into a close cooperation and taken the first step towards a possible merger.

Merger plans in Danish clusters
Energy Watch interviews Chairman of the Board Lean Energy Cluster, Jørgen Mads Clausen and Chairman of the Board CCC, Anders Eldrup about the merger plans.

Heading for a cleantech merger
Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster and Lean Energy Cluster is heading for a merger. The increased collaboration will strengthen the Danish cleantech export.

Nordic initiative for Sustainable Aviation (NISA)
Press Release from NISA about how key players in the aviation sector join forces in an initiative for the development of sustainable jet fuels.

Smarter Cities Challenge i København
IBM, in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster hosted an event, where stakeholders were in invited to contribute with their knowledge in the area of smart data, with the aim of furthering the specification of the IBM team's four recommendations.

Recycling plastics is the new green
Part 1
and Part 2

feature article in Politikken by Anders Eldrup.
Denmark has a good experience and expertise in handling waste, but if we really wish to
reap the benefits of increased waste sorting and recycling, we need to think in new ways of collaborating and in dealing with waste.

Green growth: a viable option for Europe?
Real Economy heads to Copenhagen to take a look at how Denmark is making green not just a colour but a way of life. Head of Strategic Projects Neelabh Singh explains how CCS focuses on co-creating solutions with respect to what is existing in the local conditions.

Clusters ensure green solutions
In a shared opinion piece in JyllandsPosten, Head of Secretariat Brian Valbjørn Sørensen, emphasizes the importance of clusters in generating future green innovation and growth for Denmark

Invest in the home market
Opinion piece by Head of Secretariat, Brian Valbjørn Sørensen, in JyllandsPosten.

Cities Today - Spotlight on Copenhagen

Interview with Lord Mayor Frank Jensen, in the magazine "Cities Today", on Copenhagen as a model city for mobility through cycling and the ambition to become the first carbon neutral city by 2025.

Copenhagen - Most livable City
World-conquering urban quality of life requires the trickiest of balancing acts between progress and preservation, stimulation and security, global and local. Perfection is unobtainable but Copenhagen is striking one of the best deals right now.
Listen to the 7 min audio clip!

20 Million DKK to Green Transition

Green Transition Foundation (Grøn Omstillingsfond) has recentlyawarded nearly 20 million DKK to 9 new projects, among other things, to minimize food waste in the catering industry, create new fashion out of discarded textiles and find solutions to prevent sewage in basements as a result of torrential rain.

Danish Company, Abeo A/S, wins Europe's Best Spin-out Prize
The Danish Company, Abeo A/S achieved great international recognition 5 June 2013 as Abeo was voted "Europe's best spin-out company". The entrepreneurial company Abeo has a unique product, super lightweight concrete which secured their win.

The International Metropol
A 30 min radio/video reportage on how green technology will help us save money, take care of the planet as well as create the basis for growth and new work places in the region. In addition to an interview with Cluster Director Marianna Lubanski, we visit the laboratories in DTU studying cells as well as Haldor Topsøe from Lyngby.

Copenhagen's Ambitious Push To Be Carbon Neutral by 2025
The Danish capital is moving rapidly toward a zero-carbon future, as it erects wind farms, transforms its citywide heating systems, promotes energy efficiency, and lures more people out of their cars and onto public transportation and bikes.
- Alternative link (the Guardian)

The overlooked Turkish Adventure

Turkey has long been an overlooked market in Denmark. The Turkish state has recently earmarked 750 billion DKK for energy projects and this creates new opportunities for Danish companies.
(Article only available in Danish)

The Greentech Rovolution has only just begun

The global greentech market is set to double to more than 4,400 billion euro in 2025. Consequently, a green leadership in Berlin, Bruxelles and Copenhagen is necessary in order to unlock Europe's and Denmark's green growth potential.
(The full article in only available with membership).

Danish Cleantech Faced with Growing Competition

A new report from Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, CCC Monitor 2012, describes how Danish cleantech companies are experiencing growth. Despite the positive developments outlined in the report, Denmark has to remain highly innovative in order to face the growing international competition from especially China. (The article is in Danish)

Groundbreaking air-cleaner saves polluting industrials
Matthew Johnson, Environmental chemist, has developed an air cleaning method which is based on the natural ability of the Earth atmosphere to clean itself. He has received Gap-funding from CCC among others.
Read the story in Danish

Copenhagen Looks to Silicon Valley for Potential Partners
Article about Lord Mayor Frank Jensen, Copenhagen Capacity and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster's visit to Silicon Valley, where they meet with several technology giants.
Read the story in Danish

Top 20 smartest cities in North America and Europe
Copenhagen tops the list of cities with the smartest people, economies and leadership.

Green technologies are unstoppable (in Danish)
CCC's Global Cleantech Report is highlighted in this article about green technology investments

Cleantech Cluster to create more green jobs (in Danish)
Featured article in CSR Business Publication about CCC and cleantech solutions for the future.

Copenhagen Shows How Cities Can Become Clean Tech Leaders
Blog post from Forbes blogger Justin Gerdes on how Copenhagen displays leadership in green growth. The article is based on the recent OECD report, in which CCC has been instrumental in providing OECD with input.

Potentialet i Cleantech (in Danish)
CCC's project Complex Cleantech Solutions is highlighted in this edition of 'DI Business', the magazine from Conf. of Danish Industries.

Co-op Leads the Way toward a Carbon Neutral City
Feature article about CCC at

European Business and Technology Centre plans 'smart city concept' project
CCC's new partnership with European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) is featured in the business section of the Indian newspaper The Hindu.

Copenhagen is greenest in Europe
Getting on the bicycle every morning and swimming in the city's harbor baths has finally paid off. Copenhagen was July 2012 awarded the EU Commission's prestigious European Green Capital Award for 2014.

Top Ten Reasons Why Denmark is a Cleantech Leader
Cleantech blogger Shawn Lesser explains why Denmark is a cleantech leader. CCC is one of the 10 reasons.

Top Ten Cleantech Cities around the Globe
According to Cleantech hot-shot Shawn Lesser, Copenhagen is the top cleantech city on the globe. He mentions CCC as one of the main reasons.

Copenhagen in the forefront for green growth
Børsen brings an overview of a new report which shows how Copenhagen's green businesses experience growth despite the economic recession.

Procurement, innovation and green growth, the story continues
CCC has contributed with an article published by International Institute for Sustainable Development (iisd) titled "Clusters as Catalysts for Developing "Smart Cities" Through Intelligent Public Demand" (p. 37-40).

Nordic Innovation Report " Strategic global marketing of Nordic cleantech clusters and competencies"
CCC is featured as "a born global cluster" in a report from Nordic Innovation (p. 39).

Cleantech-branchen boomer - her er forudsætningerne for endnu større vækst (in Danish)
Danish newspaper Ingenøren writes about the booming cleantech industry in Denmark - based on CCC's Monitor 2010 report.


Copenhagen and Denmark media appearance

Can Copenhagen Become the World's First Carbon Neutral City?

After having spoken at a green solutions presentation in New York, Lord Mayor Frank Jensen continued to San Francisco to a one-on-one session with New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, where the two mayors shared ideas on how to achieve sustainability.

Top 20 smartest cities in North America and Europe
Copenhagen tops the list of cities with the smartest people, economies and leadership.

Copenhagen is the smartest city in Europe
Article describing the top 10 European cities who are working the hardest to be the most advanced urban landscape

Blogger Justin Gerdes on Cleantech in Denmark
Blogger Justin Gerdes has written several blog posts on Forbes about cleantech in Denmark.


Energy Special Denmark
CNN spot on Denmark focusing on wind energy and citizen involvement at the island Samsø

A Dream Grows in Copenhagen
Feature on Copenhagen in the New York Times - How does a city expand and, at the same time, reduce car use and emissions?

Denmark tops Global cleantech index
Denmark, followed by Israel, Sweden, Finland and the US provide the best conditions today for clean technology start-up creation, with companies in the Asia Pacific region following closely behind when it comes to commercial success, the first Global Cleantech Innovation Index shows.

Rise of the eco-metropolis
A feature on Copenhagen as an example of the new eco-metropolises (number 5).

CNN reports on Copenhagen as a "Future City"
Famous CNN host Richard Quest did a series of reports on Copenhagen as a "Future City". CCC took active part in making this happen.