Yearly Conference

29.04.14 - 29.04.14
Join the yearly conference and learn more about the environmental technology sector's future development.

GENERA - energy and environment trade show

06.05.14 - 08.05.14
GENERA, the leading energy trade show in Spain, opens its doors for the 17th time this May.

Circular economy and symbiosis workshop

08.05.14 - 08.05.14
Is “industrial symbiosis” the future’s most resource efficient way of organizing production on a global level?

Kick off Seminar: Øresund Cleantech Testbed

14.05.14 - 14.05.14
Øresund Cleantech Testbed is a new cooperation between Danish and Swedish municipal/regional authorities and private companies.
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Denmark Takes Second Spot and Gets AAA Score in World Energy Council Energy Sustainability Ranking

Denmark ranks second globally and achieves AAA rating in its ability to balance the ‘energy trilemma’. This according to the annual Energy Sustainability Index produced by the World Energy Council ...

Global Wind Decline Had Little Effect in Denmark

In 2013, Danish wind companies experienced a slight overall decline in turnover and exports. Despite this, the Danish wind industry performed above the global wind market average. The Danish Wind I...

Unique Test Lab for Energy Efficiency Solutions

The Green Power Electronics Test Lab (Green PET lab) breaks new ground in the testing of energy efficient solutions and products. Behind the initiative – which opens in 2016 – is Lean Energy Clust...

Reducing Urban Water Loss to Just 5%

Imagine a company where 25-50% of its products never reach the end customer. Unthinkable in most situations, but unfortunately it is a fact that 25-50% of water distributed in cities is lost.